2 Stone Bath Mats + Get One Free
2 Stone Bath Mats + Get One Free
2 Stone Bath Mats + Get One Free
2 Stone Bath Mats + Get One Free
2 Stone Bath Mats + Get One Free

2 Stone Bath Mats + Get One Free

Feel the comfort of ultra-dry Diatomaceous Earth beneath your feet every time you step out of the shower. Unlike soggy bath mats, Sutera’s revolutionary Stone Bath Mat keeps your feet and your floor bone-dry. As you step off the smooth, satisfying surface, the water evaporates rapidly — like you were never there.

  • Quick-Drying Diatomaceous Earth
  • Helps to Keep Bathroom Floor Dry
  • Slip-Resistant Design Helps Provide Grip
  • Gentle & Breathable On Skin
  • Minimal Upkeep
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Quick-Drying Technology to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Sutera’s Stone Bath Mat combines two slip-resistant materials to help keep your bathroom floor clean and dry after every bath or shower.

100% Pure Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is an ultra-compact material made from fossilized plankton. This super-absorbent surface is perfect for soaking-up excess moisture.

Slip-Resistant Mat + Sanding Tool

For maximum safety, anchor the Stone Bath Mat by placing the slip-resistant mat underneath — this will help keep it sturdy. With the handy sanding tool, buff the Stone Bath Mat every few months to keep it fresh and clean.

How Sutera’s Stone Bath Mat Elevates the Home

Hear from verified customers who love the Stone Bath Mat’s fast-drying properties.

“This product is a wonder to behold!! Where has it been all my life?! I love it!! The color blends in with my bathroom perfectly!! So far there is no odor coming from the stone and it has maintained its shape!! What a great, economical and health conscious product!!”

Tina L. - Verified Buyer

2 Stone Bath Mats + Get One Free

“Legitimately dries your feet and absorbs drops of water. Surface dries rapidly after exposure to water and stays clean. Very pleased with the aesthetics of the mat. If you are contemplating this, make the purchase and see for yourself.”

Timothy N. - Verified Buyer

2 Stone Bath Mats + Get One Free

“I am so glad to have tried my Stone Bath Mats. My senior parents live with me, and I am always worried about falls, especially with wet feet after showering. The moment they step out onto the stone, the bottoms of their feet are dry — it's like magic! The stones arrived well packaged and in perfect shape, and the design is very eye pleasing. Well worth the money!”

Tammy S. - Verified Buyer

2 Stone Bath Mats + Get One Free

“The Stone Bath Mats are great! They soak up all of the water and dry quickly. No more wet bath mat, and they make the room look nicer.”

Dina S. - Verified Buyer

2 Stone Bath Mats + Get One Free

Beyond The Bathroom: Use It Anywhere You Want To Keep Dry


The Stone Bath Mat works perfectly under dish racks or for drying dishes directly on the surface. Plus, it adds a dash of elegance to any countertop.


A well-placed Stone Bath Mat can not only keep counters and floors dry, but can also help to mitigate overwatering.


Tired of spending time wiping your feet when you come in from the rain or snow? The Stone Bath Mat practically sucks the moisture from your shoes.

Pet Bowls

We love our furry friends, but let’s face it: some of them are pretty sloppy drinkers. Place a Stone Bath Mat under their bowl to keep your floor safe from slobber.

How to Use Sutera Stone Bath Mat

Just 3 simple steps!


Lay down the slip-resistant mat wherever you want to place your Stone Bath Mat.


Place your Stone Bath Mat on top of the mat & enjoy stepping on a clean, dry surface after every bath or shower.


Use the handy sanding tool whenever necessary to keep the Stone Bath Mat good as new!

Sutera's Stone Bath Mat vs. Traditional Bath Mats

Stone Bath Mat

Traditional Bath Mats

Clean, Natural Surface

Can Harbor Excess Moisture

Quick-Drying Technology

Can Take Hours To Dry

Slip-Resistant Design

Bath Mats Can Leave Floor Wet

Minimal Upkeep

Often Require Weekly Washing

Long-Lasting Design

Often Needs Replacement Every 2 Years

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Sutera’s Stone Bath Mat is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, or cure any disease.
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